USA Criminal Background for Colombian Visas

Criminal background checks for Colombian visas: Recently Colombia has implemented a new requirement for many visa types to obtain a criminal background check in order to obtain a Colombian visa. Check your visa type to be sure that this is required for your visa. The most popular Colombian Visas are listed on the website, click here for more info. Marriage visas, for example do not require criminal background checks. Remember all background checks must be stamped by a notary or state official and then apostilled if coming from the United States. Each country has slightly different. After they are apostilled you  must use a certified translator in Colombia to translate your documents. We also offer translation services if you need them.

If you have been in Colombia the last 3 years then you may simply go to the Colombian Governments state police website to download your anticedentes Judiciales at no fee!


Below you will find instructions for United States residents or United States citizens who need to obtain a background check from the United States. Further below you will find examples on obtaining regular police background checks.

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How to Obtain an FBI Background Check

1Enter this link:

2Enter email and select submit

Step 1

3Your email will receive a link to complete the application and a PIN number

Step 2

4Click on the link in the email, click on continue and enter with the PIN.

5Accept privacy terms and fill in personal data

Step 3<br />

6Enter address – Use USA address only or you may loose your return mail.

Step 4

7Select the preference
8Send the card with your fingerprints

STep 5

9Make payment on line in FBI website.

Stetp 6

Criminal Record from a City Police

  1. Google the police department or agency by name of city and/or state.
  2. Look for records department or criminal record certification information. You may have to call the police department.
  3. Ask for obtaining a certified or notarized copy.
  4. If you can not obtain notarized copy then you may take the records to a notary to certify.
  5. Send documents for apostille to secretary of state in the state your records are notarized in.

What is an apostille?
The apostille is a second certification that makes a document internationally legal. This document is issued by the secretary of state apostille office in the same state your Criminal Record is issued. We can assist in guiding you through this process.

I am not in the USA, HOW DO I DO THIS?
If you are not in the USA, OR YOUR HOME COUNTRY, then you may need to ask a friend, family member or messenger agency to assist you in obtaining documents.

Can I use a background check website?
This might not be accepted as they are not government agencies.

How long does It take to get a criminal background check?
If a person enters a police station with required documents this process can be done instantly in many cases, but the total time averages between 2-4 weeks when including apostille, and Spanish translations.

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