Renew passport in Colombia

Renew passport in Colombia

passport renewal in colombia

Renew your passport in Colombia

How To Renew your Passport in Colombia

Passport Renewal Services in Colombia

In addition to our extremely popular Colombian and USA visa services we also renew passports in Colombia. We can renew passports for the United States, Canada and many other countries for persons who are living in Colombia or visiting for extended periods of time. Processing times are between 2-3 weeks. For persons who have lost their passports, a persona trip to your embassy in Bogota will be required.

Visas y Tramites Internacionales & Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS use professional embassy messengers in Bogota. We have never lost a passport in 10 years of processing visas & passports.

Colombia Visa Transfer Services:

It is also important to keep in mind that you transfer your Colombian visa to your new passport. This service is an optional service we provide for our clients. The USA and Canadian embassies return your old passport after it is cancelled so you will not lose your old visa. If you must travel before you have time to transfer your visa to your new passport, then you must take your old passport with you so it can be presented to Colombian immigration alongside your new passport.

Gov Fees:
Messenger Fees: US $120
Mail Fees: US $12 (Round Trip)
Processing Times:
2-3 Weeks
Requirements: Form, Payment, Supply Photo and click to see list below


Government Fees: 620.000 COP 10 years / 498.000 COP 5 years
Messenger Fees: US $120
Mail Fees:
US $12 (Round trip)
Processing Times:
2-3 Weeks

Requirements: Form, Payment, Supply Photo and click to see list below
Photo Information:
We process many other countries as well. Just send us an email or give us a call for more information. *You must be inside Colombia for us to process your passport renewal.Colombian passport holders must present in person to obtain their passports. We can of course assist persons in organizing required documents.

At COLOMBIA LEGAL & ACCOUNTING S.A.S. our Colombian attorneys and staff provide quality legal assistance and will walk you through the Colombian marriage or Colombian civil union process with the utmost care and professionalism. Contact Us today to discuss your specific needs. For more assistance in Spanish please see our spanish website

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passport renewal services in Colombia