13 Things Real Estate Agents in Colombia

Unlike established markets in other countries, Colombia presents unique challenges for foreigners. The language barrier can be a significant obstacle, as many agents might not speak English fluently. Additionally, the absence of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) makes finding all available properties a complex task. However, resources like “Espacio Urbano” in Medellín can offer valuable insights into the local market.

Furthermore, due to the relatively small percentage of foreign buyers, some real estate agents might have limited experience catering to their specific needs and considerations. To bridge this gap, consider seeking assistance from agencies specializing in serving the expat community, ensuring a more tailored and informed experience.


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Understanding the Market Landscape:

As you delve deeper, it’s crucial to grasp several key aspects of the Colombian real estate landscape:

  • Limited Foreign Buyers: The vast majority of property buyers in Colombia are locals. This can potentially lead to a bias towards presenting higher-priced properties to foreign clients, maximizing commission for the agent. Be mindful of this dynamic and exercise your negotiation skills effectively.
  • Shared Listings: Unlike exclusive listings prevalent in some countries, properties in Colombia are often represented by multiple agents simultaneously. This can lead to several agents vying for the same sale, potentially impacting the information you receive.
  • Understanding Estratos: The “estrato” system classifies neighborhoods based on their socioeconomic level. This directly affects property values and the pool of potential buyers. Familiarize yourself with the estrato system to make informed decisions based on your budget and desired location.

Beyond the Surface:

While the process of buying a property in Colombia can be relatively quick, selling, particularly high-end properties, can be a lengthy process, often exceeding a year. Additionally, the market dynamics are currently skewed towards buyers due to the pandemic, potentially leading to lower prices.

Beyond the Surface:

Investing in Colombian real estate requires a deeper understanding beyond just the property itself:

  • Unregulated Agent Landscape: Unlike some countries, Colombia lacks a licensing system for real estate agents. Anyone can operate as an agent, increasing the risk of encountering misinformation or conflicting interests. Conduct thorough research and due diligence when selecting an agent.
  • Seller-Oriented Representation: It’s essential to remember that agents typically receive their commission from the seller, potentially influencing their recommendations. Remain objective and actively negotiate prices based on your research and market knowledge, especially in a buyer’s market.
  • Beware of Inflated Prices: Foreign buyers might be particularly vulnerable to inflated prices. Always compare prices across different sources and employ caution before committing to a purchase.

Additional Considerations:

Remember to factor in potential losses due to currency fluctuations when considering real estate investments in Colombia. Additionally, be aware that property listings on websites might not be regularly updated, so it’s crucial to verify availability before getting your hopes up.

Renting Without a Fiador:

While uncommon, renting an unfurnished apartment without a guarantor (fiador) is possible. Explore alternative solutions like paying rent in advance, renting directly from the owner, or utilizing deposit or insurance options.

Renting Without a Fiador:

New property developments in Colombia often face delays, and exceeding promised completion dates is not uncommon. Be cautious and don’t solely rely on the information provided by developers or agents.

By familiarizing yourself with these crucial aspects of the Colombian real estate market, you, as an expat, can embark on your property journey with greater confidence, making informed decisions and navigating potential challenges with a proactive and well-equipped approach.


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