Medellin Virtual Office

Colombia Legal & Associates is happy to offer Colombian virtual office (Oficina Virtual Medellin) services for those who are not yet present in Colombia or do not want the hassle and expense of maintaining a full office.

If you don’t have a need for a full-time physical office space, a virtual office in Colombia gives you the opportunity to have a legal business presence with an address and phone number. Our dedicated staff will receive your mail and answer your administrative and legal calls in our office, which is now your Medellin virtual office.

Medellin Virtual Office
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Our Medellin virtual office rental agreement is cheaper than renting a real office. You save time and money by eliminating the search for a location and reliable staff, and of course you don’t have to pay the salary for a full-time assistant. (As an added bonus, you won’t be dealing with employees and the Colombian labor laws that favor them, at least not yet.) You won’t have to sign up for utilities or keep track of and pay bills for electricity, gas, and internet. No need to decorate or find the perfect office chairs, either.


Our agreement meets the legal requirements to make your Colombian virtual office an official business location. It also allows you the right to be physically present on location for a certain amount of time each month, and we can hang your license or certificate on the wall.

Having a physical address and dedicated phone number looks more professional to your clients as you make the transition to Colombia and establish yourself in this country.

Our address (and now your Colombian virtual office address) is near the well-known Golden Mile business and financial district in Medellin, Colombia. El Poblado is a wealthier, and, by extension, more expensive neighborhood, giving your clients the reassurance that your business is in a prime location and doing well. Image is key!



Establishing your Medellin virtual office with us keeps you in touch with the variety of other services we offer that can help you in your transition to Colombia and in opening and running your business. Having a one-stop shop for the services you need is much more convenient for you. It’s nice for the team at Colombia Legal & Associates, as well, since we can cross-check the various processes and keep everything running smoothly according to your needs and goals.

Contact us today for more information about starting your virtual office in Colombia with Colombia Legal & Associates, your Medellin lawyer and immigration experts.


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