How to Setup a Colombian Business

If you are wondering how to setup a Colombian business, then you have come to the right place.

CL&A provides expertise services for the creation or modification of corporate constitutions and businesses; all types of commercials contracts; labor contracts; purchase and sales agreements for all types of commercial transactions. Commercial transactions typically include a range of services from purchases of corporations to real estate transactions. Our firm also handles due diligence of investments that you may make in Colombia.

We walk our clients through the complicated process of setting up corporations inside Colombia. We save our clients time and headaches with our professional legal messenger services. Most clients only need to visit the notary with us for the majority of legal corporate legal services – and then sit back and wait for us to handle the rest.

How to Setup a Colombian Business
Colombia Business Owner Visa

Steps involved to setup a Colombian Corporation:

Foreigners can be owners of corporations without Colombian nationals, however banks will not let persons who do not posses a Colombian ID card from a citizen or foreign resident to open bank accounts.

Here is a quick outline of steps involved to setup a Colombian Corporation:


Drafting of the corporate constiution


 Presentation & Application for Colombian Bank Account


Registration of permanent tax ID


Registration of tax ID to obtain permanent business license


Obtaining temporary tax id for corporation – legal representatives, and shareholders


Payment of fees at tax offices


Registration at Camara de Comercio


Funding of share holders

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