How to Hire a Maid or a Domestic Worker in Colombia

Ever wondered how to hire a Colombian maid or domestic worker. Then, this guide is for you. Read on.

In Colombia, domestic service employees such as maids must be bound by an employment contract, that is, they cannot be bound by a service provision contract.

Domestic service includes a list of activities typical of the home such as cleaning, preparing food, washing and ironing clothes, childcare and any other activity related to the employer’s home.

Domestic workers can be linked under a written or verbal employment contract, for a fixed or indefinite term. They can be hired to work full time or for days. It all depends on the needs of the employer.

Colombia Maids Contract

Whoever hires a domestic service employee must fulfill a series of work obligations that are indicated in Adetail in the following article. Please note that the rights of a domestic worker are almost the same as any other employee.

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What You Must Pay a Domestic Worker?

The domestic worker must be paid the following:

  1. A salary that must not be less than the minimum salary including salary in kind. Salary in kind for domestic servants. In the case of domestic workers who work for days, the daily salary cannot be less than the equivalent of the monthly minimum salary, and for this the minimum salary is divided by 30.
  2. Social benefits. Social benefits in domestic service employees
  3. Social Security. Social security in domestic service
  4. Extra work, night, Sunday and holidays. Overtime and surcharges at night, on Sunday and on holidays
  5. Transportation assistance. Transportation assistance in domestic service
  6. Family allowance.
  7. Working holidays.
  8. Housekeeping vacations

Many foreigners make a big error paying a maid more because they feel the daily payment is too small, not knowing about liquidation and benefits. Benefits and liquidation are based on the daily payments.

This value is over 50% of what is paid on a daily basis. Then if a judge gets involved with a lawsuit fines may be applied to not providing uniform, health insurance, pension and other benefits.


What You Need to Know Before You Hire a Colombian Maid or a Domestic Worker?

When hiring a domestic worker such as a maid, keep the following recommendations in mind. Here are some special recommendations when hiring domestic workers.

Always link them to a written contract

Do not pay him or her a full salary, since this does not exist in domestic service, unless you pay him or her 13 minimum wages.


When you pay your salary, have the employee sign a receipt.


You must grant permission to attend medical appointments.


If you hire him or her for days, you can pay the day you work or at the end of the month, and in any case you must pay the social benefits on the dates indicated by law.


If you provide food or housing to the employee, then put it in writing the benefits that you are going to give to these employees, which may be wages in kind, or payments that do not constitute wages.


Settle and pay social benefits when applicable.


If you are dismissed without just cause, pay the corresponding compensation.


The value you give to your internal employee’s food and housing must not exceed the equivalent of 30% of the minimum wage.


Affiliate your domestic employee to social security even if he or she is in the SISBEN, as you will be financially responsible for any illness or accident suffered by the employee.


In the case of layoffs, keep in mind that you should not deliver them to the employee until the contract ends. While the contract is in force, you must consign them in the severance fund or you will lose them and you may be forced to pay them again.


Pay social security as provided by law. The UGPP can also supervise it.

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