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Colombian Divorce

Divorce in Colomibia

A divorce, or dissolution, is the legal end to a marriage or civil union between two people. There are many issues which need to be resolved in a divorce. This page raises several common topics, but since each situation is different, you should contact COLOMBIA LEGAL & ACCOUNTING S.A. to ensure that your specific concerns are addressed.

Amicable Divorce

Colombia has a process for simple, agreed-upon divorces which can be resolved by the parties to the marriage and at least one attorney. Both parties must be in agreement about all issues, and there cannot be any children involved. These divorces can occur quickly and without judicial intervention. However, if there are children involved, or if there is any disagreement about assets or debts, a judge must be involved.

Tips for Divorce in Colombia

Common Divorce Issues

When people get married, or form a civil union, or live together for more than two years, certain legal rights arise regarding real estate, assets, debts, and inheritance, along with all of the issues relating to mutual children. Here is a checklist of topics you may need to resolve in a divorce situation:

Ownership of real estate

Division of marital debts

Division of a family business - including the business assets and debts

Allocation of any vehicles

Division of household and personal belongings

Separation of bank accounts or cash assets

Payment of Spousal Support

Payment of a Marital Settlement amount

If children were born during the relationship, these additional issues must be addressed:

Colombian Child Custody

Establishing a visitation schedule

Colomiban Child support

Insurance coverage and/or medical expenses

Educational expenses

Costs for activities

Estate and Inheritance planning


If the divorcing parties are from different countries, or if one wants to leave the country, and children are involved, custody can become complicated. At cOLOMBIA LEGAL & ACCOUNTING S.A. we will explain your rights and obligations to help you make the best decisions for your children.

Also, dividing property which is located in a foreign country can also cause difficulties in a divorce situation. We will work with you to clarify all of the options for your specific circumstances.


We know that divorce can be a very difficult time in your life. COLOMBIA LEGAL & ACCOUNTING S.A. is here to provide experienced legal advice to walk you through the many legal steps needed to ensure that your dissolution is resolved as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to discuss your particular divorce needs and issues.

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