How To Adopt A Child From Colombia


Child adoption is a straight forward process but it has several steps. Since the process has quite a few steps, therefore, a lot of patience is required from the adopting parents while the adoption process is ongoing. From visiting orphanages or adoption agencies, preparing your papers, filling application for adoption, paying legal fees and to finally taking custody of your Colombian child, takes considerable amount of time. To answer this query, we have created a detailed guide on the topic of child adoption in Colombia.

This is where you can greatly benefit from the services provided by a legal services company or an adoption agency. It is best to hire a legal services agency that has expertise is this domain. Additionally, the legal services agency with a bilingual or multilingual staff can ensure that all steps of the process are properly explained to you and you understand your rights and duties as well. You may need to hire a local attorney but that differs on case by case basis, but usually not required. It is best that you research adoption agencies in advance before arriving to Colombia. This will save you a lot of time during the adoption process.

In Colombia, there are mainly two types of adoption, a child of a single parent or an orphan. Before adopting a child in Colombia, the adopting parents must qualify based on the criteria below. The criteria below is presented as an infographic which breaks down the entire adoption process.

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