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We have years of experience in the following Commercial Law areas:


Creation and/or Modification of Corporate Constitutions


 Drafting and Negotiating Labor Contracts


Purchase and Sales of Colombian Corporations


Due Diligence Investigations for All Types of Colombian Investments


Preparation and Review of Commercial Contracts


Real Estate Transactions


Purchase and Sales Agreements for All Types of Commercial Transactions


Establishing an Import or Export Business and Related Customs Implications

Setting up a corporation in Colombia can be complicated. We will walk you through every step to ensure your corporation is completed in a timely fashion. Our professional legal messenger services will save you time and headaches. In most cases, our clients only need to appear at the local Notary Office to complete the majority of their corporate legal paperwork. After that, you can sit back and allow us to handle the rest.

Having experts like COLOMBIA LEGAL & ASSOCIATES S.A.S on the ground, working for you, is invaluable because we are familiar with local laws and regulations throughout Colombia. While the basic concepts for conducting business in Colombia are similar to many other countries, there are important differences which we can explain. Some of the major areas where Colombian commercial law varies from other countries’ laws are:

Who is Considered an Employee,  Worker’s Rights, Worker’s Benefits, Corporate Contracts, Tributary Responsibilities, and, perhaps the most important, Cultural Differences.

Medellin Lawyer and Visas by James

Through the use of Legal Powers of Attorney, we are able to perform many legal transactions for our clients who are not physically present in Colombia. Our bilingual Colombian accounting and legal staff includes licensed Colombian attorneys, accountants, and investigators with extensive experience. We provide high-quality services for our clients, which range from multinational corporations, to foreign nationals, to individuals desiring to establish a business within Colombia.

In addition to our Colombian accounting and legal divisions, our company also has a Human Resources Department which works hand-in-hand with our corporate clients to minimize risks and ensure compliance with all local business laws. From helping you plan and create your business to maintaining smooth operations in Colombia.

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