Colombian work visa

Colombian Work Visa - TP4 - To qualify for a work visa you must be sponsored by a Colombian corporation, with more than 69 million pesos averagebank balance over 6 months. The Colombian work visa is reserved for qualified professionals who will be working directly for a Colombian corporation. You will likely have to prove your professional credentials, and the company you’re going to work for needs to show solid bank balances over the last six months. If you happen to have a Colombia work contract with a new company, your sponsoring company will have to show a significant amount of money in the bank to prove it can cover its operating expenses. The company must have an average balance over the course of six months that is equal to (or more than) 100 minimum salaries. In 2016, that amounts to 69 million pesos. Your job position should fall in line with the economic activity of the company you will work for. For example a computer programmer will not get a visa approved working for a dance company. Higher skilled jobs are more likely to be approved as well. Owners of companies usually find it easier to get work permissions by being a shareholder in their own company, please see for more information on this visa. 

Types of Colombian Visas With Work Privileges:

The Colombian work visa is one of the most difficult to obtain, in part because of the financial requirements discussed above. With a college degree and a job offer in your field, you might be eligible for the Colombian work visa. If not, but you know you want to work in this country, you might consider other types of visas that come with work privileges. These include:

TP-7: Colombian Business Owner’s Visa

TP-10: Colombian Marriage Visa

TP-13: Technical Services Visa

RE: Colombian Investor’s Visa

RE: Padres Visa (if you are the parent of a Colombian national)

The two most common alternatives to the work visa are the marriage visa and the business visa, and we often suggest our clients take that route if we’re not positive they will qualify for the work visa. Creating your own company in Colombia requires an investment of as little as US$3000 to qualify for a business owner’s visa.

For more complete information on the Colombian work visa please click here.