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In December 2017 Colombia Introduced a new Immigration Law. As as result of this new immigration law, there are several Colombia work visa alternatives.

Work visa alternatives like the Business owner visas now qualify for 3 years! The temporary work visa, issued for one to two years, is now a viable alternative to the difficult migrant work visa. While there have been other changes to requirements the most notable changes are that the majority of TP visas are now called M visas for Migrant, and usually qualify for a 3 year visa.

Student visas for Spanish classes are however considered V visas, while undergrad, masters, doctorate programs qualify for M migrant visas. Business Owner, Pension and Annuity visas are receiving 3 years now. Contact us for more information. Please see for more updates on this subject.

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Please be sure to check out the infographic on visas. If you have questions about Colombia work visas, then please reach out to us. We have a trained staff that has helped thousands of clients in securing Colombian work visa.

Please be aware the Colombian ministry of foreign relations makes changes to rules and regulations pertaining to work visas frequently. We provide up to date content on the topic of Colombian work visas for our clients and readers.

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Colombia Visas
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