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Raymond Bailey
Raymond Bailey
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Paula Vasquez is an excellent, amazing, and bright and upcoming lawyer. She has been nothing, but the best in helping me to achieve my Visa. I really appreciated her outstanding service and work while providing me with the best assistance can anyone could ever receive. Thanks again Paula for your wonderful and helpful support. Sincerely Raymond and Maria
Eduardo Donatelli
Eduardo Donatelli
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Quiero tomar un momento para expresar mi más sincero agradecimiento por la invaluable ayuda en el proceso de obtención de mi visa que nos proporcionó Dra. Lorena. Tu dedicación, profesionalismo y experiencia hicieron posible la realización de un sueño. Tu apoyo no solo fue instrumental desde el punto de vista legal, sino que también me brindaste tranquilidad y confianza durante todo el proceso. Gracias una vez más por todo lo que has hecho por nosotros.
Ana Maria Arroyave
Ana Maria Arroyave
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Muy buena empresa, me tramitaron la visa y fue aprobada, la atención de Lorena muy buena, estuvo pendiente de todo el proceso.
stephen terrell
stephen terrell
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I recently had a Visa Renewal done with Colombia Legal & Associates SAS and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The service was prompt, professional, and exceeded my expectations. I would definitely use this service again in the future and recommend it to others. I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the amazing job by Lorena. Her service was outstanding, and she went above and beyond to ensure that I had a great experience. I would highly recommend Colombia Legal & Associates SAS to anyone in need of a Retirement Visa. Thank You Lorena!
Miguel Orejas
Miguel Orejas
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Me desplacé a Medellín para conocer a James y tomé una buena decisión al seleccionarlo para solicitar una visa de pensionado. La comunicación, transparencia y diligencia fueron una constante de inicio a fin. Mi visa fue probada en un par de semanas y quiero hacer un reconocimiento especial de Paula Vasquez quien siempre estuvo pendiente de mi caso. Muchas gracias a un buen equipo de trabajo.
Jeannot Constantino Attard
Jeannot Constantino Attard
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I reached out to them today to ask for advice on different visa options (I currently have one which doesn’t meet my needs). I spoke with Lorena who in the space of 30 min was able to clarify and propose the best options for my needs. Now I feel comfortable in proceeding with the best option. I must also add that earlier in the year I was in touch with a different agency who were unhelpful and misleading. Visas by James definitely feels different from the start. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend.
Bruce Joel
Bruce Joel
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Excellent service! I worked closely with Paula and everything went smoothly! She speaks perfect English and her knowledge of the visa process helped so much! "I highly recommend them"
Summer JM Li
Summer JM Li
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We have used this agency twice and everything has gone well. Really great service.
Bradley Corzine
Bradley Corzine
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Daniela and Lorena took very good care of all the documents that I needed to complete my real estate purchase. I would highly recommend them for any legal services you need in Colombia

The Colombia Visa Guide All types of visas in this Colombia Visa Guide are not listed on this page, please contact us if you need more help. Please tell us more about your plans so we can help you find the best visa for your life style! If you would like to setup an initial consultation with James Lindzey the Colombian visa expert please let us know! 

Colombian Visas

V – Student

(Visitor or Migrant) Colombia Student Visa category depends on proof of Enrollment by Accredited Institution, & Funds to Pay for Classes. Monthly Income 13,000,000 or equivalent savings.

M– Married

(Previously TP10) Visa – A great a Colombia Visa for Married or civil union couples. Full work benefits & up to 3 years

M – Property

(Previously TP7) – The Colombia Property Visa direct foreign investment of at least 455,000,000 Pesos, or aproximately $116,667 USD in real estate for the year 2024. Future renewals depend on the minimum investment value adjusted yearly by government.

M – Visa for Parents

Full Migrant Visa for Parents, As an abiological or foster parent you obtain residency by being the parent of a Colombian.

M –Digital Nomad Visa 

The Colombia Digital Nomad Visa is designed for remote workers who own or work for foreign companies. Your income must be 3,900,000 pesos or more monthly.

PensionM – Pension

(Previously TP7) You have to receive 3 times minimum salary (aprx 1,000 USD) in monthly bases to qualify for Colombia Pension Visa. See new requirements from 2022 resolution.


M – Investor Visa

This can be obtained by investing 455 million pesos in Colombian real estate for the year 2024. Colombian Property Investor Visa.

Business-OwnerM – Business Owner

Migrant (Previously TP7) This Colombia Business Owner Visa is great for landlords, trust fund holders, or persons earning fixed monthly income paid from sources outside of Colombia.

M – Beneficiary

The Colombia Beneficiary Visa is intended for foreigners who are dependents and family members of another foreigner who has a type visa. (Re, M or V)

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USA Visas

Visitor Visas USA

USA Visitor Visas

Most common visitor visas are the B1/B2 for tourism and business visitors. The USA state department also allows emergency visits under the B1/B2 visa if you can demonstrate medical emergency such as cancer treatments, or accompanying USA citizen who needs treatment. Funerals are another reason for emergency visits. Due to the shut down of visas during 2020 to 2021, visa appointments are very delayed at this moment.

Student Visas USA

USA Student Visas

Student visas are an excellent way to get approved for a visa to the United States, however these visas are best approved for young persons who are currently studying. Persons over 25 have a much harder time. Students must have sponsors, however sponsors who are not family members and come from the USA make immigration very curious. It is best to have Colombian sponsors such as parents or close family members.

Residency Visas USA

 USA Residency Visas

United States Residency Visas require a person to live in the country for a minimum of 6 months a year. The most common residency visas are Marriage visas for foreign spouses and their children 21 years and under. The fiancee visa is also very popular, and is not actually considered a residency visa, but allows converion to a Residency Visa once married in the United States.

Citizenship Processes

Colombia Citizenship

Colombian Citizenship

Colombian Citizenship may be applied for after you comply with minimum time holding a foreigners residency card. Foreign born persons with a parent or grand parent may also qualify for Colombian Citizenship after registering their childrens birth at a Colombian consulate or in Colombia. The process for foreigners is a long drawn out process. Colombian law does not specify a time in which the government has to respond to requests to obtain citizenship.

USA Citezenship

USA Citizenship

USA citizenship maybe obtained after living in the United States the minimum required time with a residency visa. Some types of visas do not qualify for converting to citizenship. Finally, Citizenship may be obtained for children of foreigners who are born abroad. Children should be registered as soon as possible at the nearest American Consulate, in our case this is Bogota, Colombia. Registering a foreign birth abroad will give a child American Citizenship.

Related Document Services


USA Passports

We can get children born in Colombia passports if one of their parents are USA citizens. We also handle USA passport renewals in Colombia. Currently passports take 2-3 weeks to renew. If you loose your passport then you must go to the USA Bogota Embassy in person. Don’t forget the embassy requires appointments. Exceptions may be made if emergency needs can be illustrated. 

Apostilles in Colombia

Colombia & USA Apostilles

If you have done a visa then its very possible you were required to apostille documents from other countries. Apostilles are a second certification which basically verifies a notaries signature or public functionary signatures which appear on vital documents such as birth and marriage certificates. Apostilles must come from the same country as the original documents origen.

Translations in Colombia

Colombian Translations

One of our more popular services are translations to Spanish from English, and of course English to Spanish. Our translators offer many other languages as well. Translations may be certified in a notary for some processes. For use outside of Colombia an apostille may be required. Remember translations are much more economic in Colombia. Many Colombian notaries require translations be done in Colombia.

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