Colombian Tax ID

What is the RUT?

The RUT (Registro Único Tributario) is a unique tax identification number that is required for all individuals and businesses operating in Colombia. It is used by the Colombian tax authority (DIAN) to identify taxpayers and track their tax obligations.

Benefits of obtaining a RUT for foreigners:

  • Opening bank accounts
  • Facilitating tax procedures
  • Accessing services and contracts
  • Participating in economic activities
  • Facilitating real estate transactions
  • Building credibility and trust in the market
  • Importing and exporting goods
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How to obtain a RUT as a foreigner:

1. Go to the DIAN website:

Click on “Agedamiento de citas” and then “Agendar Aquí la cita.”

2. Choose the “No Presencial” option:

Complete the questions and select the day of your preference.

3.Confirmation and attendance:

You will receive a confirmation email with the email address where you should send your documents. Before 9:00 AM on the day of your appointment, you must send the pre-filled RUT form 001 along with the required documents.

4. Receive your RUT:

After attending your appointment, you will receive an email with the response to your request and your RUT document attached.

Required documents:

  • Legible copy of your passport
  • Cédula de extranjería (foreigner’s ID)
  • Permiso Especial de Permanencia PPT (for Venezuelans only)
  • Completed RUT registration form

In-person Appointment:

To register for a RUT in person, follow the same steps but choose the “Presencial” option. You must present a copy and original of your identification document. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment.



  • How long is the RUT registration valid for?

The RUT registration is valid for an indefinite period.

  • How do I register for the RUT?

You can register for the RUT online or in person at a DIAN office.

  • What documents are required to complete the RUT registration form?

You will need to provide a copy of your identification document, proof of address, and information about your economic activity.

  • How do I check the RUT status of a person or taxpayer?

You can check the RUT status of a person or taxpayer online on the DIAN website.

  • How do I update the RUT online?

You can update the RUT online on the DIAN website.

  • How do I download the RUT from the DIAN online?

You can download the RUT from the DIAN website.

  • What happens if I don’t have a RUT?

You will not be able to open a bank account, file taxes, or participate in many economic activities in Colombia.

  • Do I need to update the RUT annually?

No, you do not need to update the RUT annually. However, you should update the RUT if your personal information or economic activity changes.

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