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Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS has immigration attorneys in both  Colombia and the United States. We offer a full range of immigration legal services for individuals who are relocating to the United States or Colombia. What sets us apart from other law firms is that we specialize specifically in Colombian and United States immigration law. We have highly qualified, licensed attorneys in Medellin, Colombia and  Fort Lauderdale Florida.

CL&A works hand in hand with Visas y Tramites Internacionales on immigration cases in Colombia. Visas y Tramites Internacionales has many years of experience helping foreigners immigrate to Colombia. There over 20 types of Colombian visas which you may apply for. It takes an expert to understand the literally hundreds  of laws, regulations, etc… pertaining to immigration so you can live in Colombia legally and hassle free.

CL&A SAS provides free assistance to current clients who need visa extensions, safe passage certification (salvo conducto) - a symbol of our long-standing commitment to our customers.

The Colombian immigration law system is very strict but is in its infancy compared to the United States Immigration system. The partners in our firm have over 28 years combined experience in working with United States immigrant visa applications. We handle all types of visas for the United States, which include: work, investors, marriage, fiancé, and family visa petitions. Our offices also handle more complicated appeals, waivers, deportation, and criminal immigration cases.

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Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS handles bilingual legal and accounting services for the Colombian expat community. CL&A SAS specializes in all types of commercial, civil, criminal and immigration cases




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