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colombian rentista visa - also known as the annuity visa

Colombia Visa Guide - What Colombian Visa do I need?

This is a quick reference Colombia Visa Guide of the most common visas.

The Colombia Visa Guide will help you understand how to live here as a resident, migrant or visitor in technical immigration terms: New 3 year migrant visas are available now. New visa categories are V for visitor, M for migrant, and R for resident. Most older TP 1 year visas have been replaced with the M 3 year visa. However, visa officials have started to issue less time for business owner visas if they are not confident the business is functioning well. For important changes to visa processes please check out 2018 Colombia Visa Updates. Ask us for more details! We will be updating this guide with videos and more information shortly.

This is a summary Colombia visa guide , so if this page does not help you answer your questions please contact James Lindzey directly at, or We also offer in depth consultations with or immigration experts, attorneys or accountants if needed to plan your migration to Colombia. We have bilingual experts available to help you now, +1-305-767-2766,+57-301-337-1881,+57-313-390-7109 or 574-444-6634.

Please see our short video introduction on visa types - Colombia Visa Guide Video

Will you visit Colombia as a tourist?
Many countries can enter with just a passport, but check the list here.
Please click here (Colombia Tourist Visa)
Up to 180 days in a year for countries that can not enter with a simple visa stamp.

Do you receive monthly payments on pensions?
Please see
Up to 3 year Migrant visas are available
For as little as 800 USD per month you may qualify.
Some pensions must qualify under the annuity visa if not from Government

Will you be opening or operating a Company in Colombia?
1 to 3 years for Migrant visa, and up to full residency available
1-2  years for  a Visitor visa (180 days max per year)

Do you have plans of getting married or living with your partner?
3 year Migrant visa which comes with work permission
** Foreign Document Legalization Process is Complex ***

Do you want to study in Colombia?
What will you study? You can obtain a visitor or education visa.
Contact us directly for more information on education visa requirements
Colombia Visa Guide
Do you want to work in Colombia?
Please see
Up to 3 year Migrant visas are available
Up to 2 year Visitor visas are available (visitor visas have max of 180 days a year)

Will you be purchasing property in Colombia? 
The value of the foreign investment determines the type of visa you may qualify for.
3 year Migrant visa & full residency visas available

Do you have foreign investments paying you personally on a monthly basis?
3 year Migrant visa which comes with work permission
If you receive more than aprx 2,500 in your personal account you may qualify for the annuity (rentista) visa
Annuity Visa / Foreign Investment Income (outside of Colombia)

Will you be volunteering for a non profit organzation?
Please contact us for more information on requirements
Up to 2 years Vistors visa which comes with volunteer work permission
Only non profit organizations qualify

Do you have a spouse or children who will come to Colombia with you?
Beneficiary Visas for immediate family members are available!
Same time as Principal Visa Holder
Visitor - Migrant - Residency Visa (Same Visa Type as Principal Visa Holder)
which do not come with work permission

Spouses qualify with marriage certificates, and children with birth certificates. These documents must be legalized to be accepted. Documents may not be older than 90 days.
It is extremely important to understand how to legalize these documents or they will not be accepted.
Sons or Daugthers over 25 do not qualify. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend they may qualify if you obtain a civil union.

All types of visas in this Colombia Visa Guide are not listed on this page, please contact us if you need more help. Please tell us more about your plans so we can help you find the best visa for your life style! If you would like to setup an initial consultation with James Lindzey the Colombian visa expert please let us know! Remember Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS also specializes in Commercial, Real Estate, Tax and Family law in addition to immigration services. Our family law attorneys have experience with divorces, child custody, and child adoption.

Please send us an email at or Call us at 57-4-444-6634 or 57-301-337-1881 or in the USA at 1+305+767+2766

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Renew passport in Colombia

Renew passport in Colombia

passport renewal in colombia

Renew your passport in Colombia

How To Renew your Passport in Colombia

Passport Renewal Services in Colombia

In addition to our extremely popular Colombian and USA visa services we also renew passports in Colombia. We can renew passports for the United States, Canada and many other countries for persons who are living in Colombia or visiting for extended periods of time. Processing times are between 2-3 weeks. For persons who have lost their passports, a persona trip to your embassy in Bogota will be required.

Visas y Tramites Internacionales & Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS use professional embassy messengers in Bogota. We have never lost a passport in 10 years of processing visas & passports.

Colombia Visa Transfer Services:

It is also important to keep in mind that you transfer your Colombian visa to your new passport. This service is an optional service we provide for our clients. The USA and Canadian embassies return your old passport after it is cancelled so you will not lose your old visa. If you must travel before you have time to transfer your visa to your new passport, then you must take your old passport with you so it can be presented to Colombian immigration alongside your new passport.

Gov Fees:
Messenger Fees: US $120
Mail Fees: US $12 (Round Trip)
Processing Times:
2-3 Weeks
Requirements: Form, Payment, Supply Photo and click to see list below


Government Fees: 620.000 COP 10 years / 498.000 COP 5 years
Messenger Fees: US $120
Mail Fees:
US $12 (Round trip)
Processing Times:
2-3 Weeks

Requirements: Form, Payment, Supply Photo and click to see list below
Photo Information:
We process many other countries as well. Just send us an email or give us a call for more information. *You must be inside Colombia for us to process your passport renewal.Colombian passport holders must present in person to obtain their passports. We can of course assist persons in organizing required documents.

At COLOMBIA LEGAL & ACCOUNTING S.A.S. our Colombian attorneys and staff provide quality legal assistance and will walk you through the Colombian marriage or Colombian civil union process with the utmost care and professionalism. Contact Us today to discuss your specific needs. For more assistance in Spanish please see our spanish website

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passport renewal services in Colombia

Colombia Rentista Visa

colombian rentista visa - also known as the annuity visa

Colombia Rentista Visa Quick Info Sheet

Thanks for contacting us. The Colombian TP-7 Rentista visa is referred to as the Colombian annuity visa in English. This visa is designed to allow foreigners to receive a 1 year visa who receive income from a fixed income source. This source may not be a salary.

Acceptable sources of a fixed investment - (income source examples):

  • Payments from an annuity or retirement fund
  • Rent from a rental property
  • Interests paid from loaning money
  • Dividends or interest payments from investments in corporation
  • Disability payments from an insurance settlement
  • Payments from the sale of a business

Unacceptable for visa application:

  • Payment from salaries
  • Payments from commissions

Costs for Visa:

  1. Legal fees – 350 USD
  2. Government Fees for Visa – 263 USD
  3. 3RD party document and notary fees – 100 USD to 300 USD
    (fees depend on origin of documents, such as apostille, Spanish translation, mail, and government fees)

Time to Process Length:

  1. Gathering documents from your home country – 2 weeks to 1 month depending on country
  2. Legalizing documents in Colombia 1 week
  3. Processing visa 1-2 weeks

Visa Category: TP-7
TP7 is a temporary residency visa which is renewed yearly and after 5 years can be converted to a permanent visa. Fore more details on years to obtain Colombian residency visa click here.

Work privileges:
This visa does not allow visa holder to work in Colombia, but you may study. If you want more information on work visas or alternatives to work visas click here.


Colombia Rentista Visa

Colombia Rentista Visa Requirements:

  • The income from foreign investments should be 15 times Colombian minimum wage
  • If required visa applicant MAY should show 6 months of bank statements
  • If required visa applicant MAY have to show a certificate of good standing for entity issuing income certification
  • Financial certification may come from a corporation, financial entity, or government agency.
  • All certificates must be legalized and translated before being presented in a visa application.
  • At this moment 3,500 USD qualifies for this visa, but you must pay attention to fluctuating exchange rate, and beware that each January the minimum wage is adjusted by the government to make up for inflation.

We provide legal assistance in verifying certifications of financial documents required for this visa. Financial certifications must be legalized by foreign and Colombian government before they are accepted in visa applications.

Please send us an email at or Call us at 57-4-444-6634 or 57-301-337-1881 or in the USA at 1+305+767+2766

Colombia Work Visas Alternatives

In December 2017 Colombia Introduced a new Immigration Law. As as result of this new immigration law, there are several Colombia work visa alternatives.

Work visa alternatives like the Business owner visas now qualify for 3 years! The temporary work visa, issued for one to two years, is now a viable alternative to the difficult migrant work visa. While there have been other changes to requirements the most notable changes are that the majority of TP visas are now called M visas for Migrant, and usually qualify for a 3 year visa.

Student visas for Spanish classes are however considered V visas, while undergrad, masters, doctorate programs qualify for M migrant visas. Business Owner, Pension and Annuity visas are receiving 3 years now. Contact us for more information. Please see for more updates on this subject.

Types of Colombian Visas with work privileges, and most popular visas with work privileges.