Colombian Civil Law

Colombian Civil Law explained, procedures, marriage, wills

This civil law section is primarily dedicated to family law issues such as Colombian marriage, pre-nuptial agreements, divorce and obtaining visas as a result of Colombian relationship. Colombia Civil Law actually refers to any legal matters which are not criminal in nature.

Situations such as buying real estate, drafting wills and other contractual matters also fall under this category. As the expat community continues to grow in Medellín, we will undoubtedly address other types of legal needs and lawsuits which may arise.

In the meantime, our focus remains on the following Colombian marriage and related topics:

Marriage, Civil Marriage and Common Unions:

To learn more about Colombian Marriage, and how other options such as Civil Marriages and Common Unions may be more advantageous, click HERE.

Prenuptial Agreements (Capitulaciones Matrimoniales):

If you are considering marriage, and want to protect the assets you currently have, you need to learn more about pre-nuptial agreements, both in the U.S. and Colombia. Likewise, if you want to protect your assets in a civil union, in Colombia or another country, it is critical that you have a prenuptial agreement drafted by an attorney. In Colombia, these agreements are called “Capitulaciones Matrimoniales.” Read more HERE.


If you unfortunately find yourself in need of a divorce, go HERE to learn more about your options and legal rights.

Estate Planning and Wills:

Regardless of your marital status, and especially if you own property in Colombia, you need to consider having a will prepared. We can walk you through the relevant laws and draft a will which meets your specific needs. For more information, click HERE.


For non-Colombian marriages, or for those who marry in Colombia and travel overseas, we can provide the following related services:

1. Apostille or Legalization of documents (depending on originating or destination country)

2. Certified Translations of non-Spanish language documents

3. Embassy Messenger Services

4. Colombian, USA Residency Visa Services

5. Prenuptial Services

6. Divorce - including Child Support and Asset Division

Please click on the related links to learn more, or Contact Us and we will provide answers to your questions along with first-rate assistance for all of your legal needs.






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