Colombia Work Visas Alternatives

In December 2017 Colombia Introduced a new Immigration Law. As as result of this new immigration law, there are several Colombia work visa alternatives.

Work visa alternatives like the Business owner visas now qualify for 3 years! The temporary work visa, issued for one to two years, is now a viable alternative to the difficult migrant work visa. While there have been other changes to requirements the most notable changes are that the majority of TP visas are now called M visas for Migrant, and usually qualify for a 3 year visa.

Student visas for Spanish classes are however considered V visas, while undergrad, masters, doctorate programs qualify for M migrant visas. Business Owner, Pension and Annuity visas are receiving 3 years now. Contact us for more information. Please see for more updates on this subject.

Types of Colombian Visas with work privileges, and most popular visas with work privileges.


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  2. I would like to ask hows the processing because i really like to work and study at the same time and be a citizen in canada hope you can give me a positive response for this thanks,

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