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The Colombia Visa Guide will help you understand how to live here as a resident, migrant or visitor in technical immigration terms: New 3 year migrant visas are available now. New visa categories are V for visitor, M for migrant, and R for resident. Most older TP 1 year visas have been replaced with the M 3 year visa. However, visa officials have started to issue less time for business owner visas if they are not confident the business is functioning well. For important changes to visa processes please check out 2018 Colombia Visa Updates. Ask us for more details! We will be updating this guide with videos and more information shortly.

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This is a summary Colombia visa guide , so if this page does not help you answer your questions please contact James Lindzey directly at, or We also offer in depth consultations with or immigration experts, attorneys or accountants if needed to plan your migration to Colombia.

Spouses qualify with marriage certificates, and children with birth certificates. These documents must be legalized to be accepted. Documents may not be older than 90 days.

It is extremely important to understand how to legalize these documents or they will not be accepted.

Sons or Daugthers over 25 do not qualify. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend they may qualify if you obtain a civil union.

All types of visas in this Colombia Visa Guide are not listed on this page, please contact us if you need more help. Please tell us more about your plans so we can help you find the best visa for your life style! If you would like to setup an initial consultation with James Lindzey the Colombian visa expert please let us know! Remember Colombia Legal & Associates SAS also specializes in Commercial, Real Estate, Tax and Family law in addition to immigration services. Our family law attorneys have experience with divorces, child custody, and child adoption.

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Abuse of Power of Attorney for Home Purchase

Abuse of Power of Attorney for Home Purchase

When the power of attorneys is very general and not specific, this gives the power to the opportunistic person to sign a property over to other persons, change prices, or even reroute payments to themselves or unknown third parties.

One example of out of many, a woman with a power of attorney for someone she was romantically involved with purchased a home and put the home in her name, which was not the agreement. Luckily, the person who sent the money had many conversations which established how the purchase was supposed to be conducted. A judge later forced the liquidation of the home and the US citizen was rewarded money from the sale a few years later.

Another example all too common is a girlfriend or wife asking for money to make property payments for a future or current home. Foreigners often trust their Colombian lover to faithfully make investments with the pretense of buildings a future together.

The reality is that many times the money is not being invested, and is being used to pay for a lavish lifestyle in Colombia, or money is being invested in one person’s name and once the couple ends the relationship the foreigner is left with nothing.

Unfortunately, open-hearted or overly nice persons are always get preyed upon by unscrupulous people in Colombia.

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