Colombia Tax Planning



Tax planning is more important than ever for expats living in Colombia now. A tax resident is a person or corporation that is in Colombia more than 183 days in a year. This means you have to file taxes based on your world wide assets and income.Foreign tax residents must pay taxes on foreign income earned outside of Colombia as well as a tax on all foreign and domestic assets, such as money in banking accounts, investments, and real estate.Its important to understand  TAX DEDUCTIONS IN COLOMBIA have a diferente formula and different brackets than other countries.

Colombia Corporate TAX PLANNING:

Assets, Payroll, Income and Profits are all important variables which heavily effect your operation expenses and profit margins. Colombia has a very unique legal system and set of constantly evolving tributary laws. Its best to hire a team of profession attorneys and accountants to analyze and understand to have a successful plan of action.

Colombian tax planning is important to analyze free trade, benefits, government programs, laws promoting business, employment, new business, discounts in

Analyzing Startup Business Law
Employee Payroll Tax Discounts
Corporate Income Tax Discounts
Export / Import Treaty Benefits
Export Services Tax Discounts

New Business Incentive Programs
Government Training Programs
Sector Grants
City Landing Programs
Export / Import Assistance

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