Colombia Business Administration Services


Colombian Corporate Administrative Services

Running a business in any country gives you plenty to think about, and as a foreigner in Colombia you'll have more considerations than most. There's no reason to deal with this all yourself when you run the risk of missing a step and dealing with an investigation or fines and the associated stress. You can outsource your administrative duties for your Colombian corporation to Colombia Legal & Accounting.

CL&A's team of Colombian attorneys, Colombian accountants, and assistants has years of experience in setting up Colombian business, helping owners understand the labor laws, plan taxes, and more, and we thoroughly understand the Colombian laws and regulations. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for you so you can enjoy running your business in Colombia.

We offer the following Colombian corporate administrative services:

Colombia Payroll Services

This includes timely scheduled employee payments for contract/independents; payment of employee benefits/taxes, and withholding taxes for employees.

We will organize each payment that must be made to and on behalf of your employees, including vacation pay, bonuses (required by law), health insurance, social security, and more.

Colombia Tax Declarations

Assets, payroll, income and profits are all important variables which heavily effect your operation expenses and profit margins. Colombia has a unique legal system and set of constantly evolving tributary laws. There is a different formula for deductions in Colombia than you might be used to in your home country. It's best to hire a team of professional attorneys and accountants to analyze your situation and create a successful action plan. It is very important to have a top notch accountant in Colombia to stay on top of all the rules. This is the only way to be sure that your tax declarations in Colombia are done correctly.

Colombian tax planning is important to analyze free trade, benefits, government programs, laws promoting business, employment, new business, and any discounts for which you might qualify, such as export services tax discounts.

Colombian Accounting Services

We provide certified public accounting services for your company to make sure your monthly, quarterly and yearly taxes are all filed and paid on time. Some of our more popular services include payroll, bill pay, and monthly bookkeeping and Colombian accounting services. Our firm also produces monthly financial reports in English by certified Colombian accountants as an optional service.
Bill Pay Services from Colombian Companies

Bill pay allows your firm to outsource not only payroll but also payment to providers and miscellaneous services as needed by your company. In a developing country it's very important to take control over who has access to your bank account. Colombia Legal & Accounting has controls in place to manage the security of financial transactions.

Monthly Colombian Accounting and Bookkeeping

We will make sure your records are complete and up-to-date to assist in your tax planning and other obligations.

Colombian Financial Reports in English

As an added service for multi-national corporations, we provide monthly translations of financial reports as needed by parent companies in other countries. When necessary for legal reasons, Colombia Legal & Accounting can provide certified translations of financial reports that are compatible with US accounting standards.

Colombian Corporate Auditing Services

Colombia Legal & Accounting has certified auditors available for auditing corporations when needed. Many companies find it useful to have corporate auditors to keep an eye on the quality of the work being produced by their current accountant. When a corporation's gross income passes over roughly 1.5 billion pesos per year, they are required to have a permanent auditor on the books.

Colombian Human Resource Services

Employee Benefit Affiliations

This service is provided for employers who need to affiliate new employees to employee benefit providers like health care, pension funds, workplace insurance, and payroll taxes for various family benefit funds.

Employment Contracts

We can draft any type of contract: part-time, full-time, contractor, seasonal, and more. To see our Colombian labor law and contracts section please click here

Employee Liquidation

When an employee quits or is asked to leave, in most cases he or she is owed a liquidation payment.

Employee Termination

Labor laws in Colombia favor the employee (and former employee), so it's crucial to take the proper steps when hiring and firing employees.

Reprimand Letters

In many cases, Colombian labor law requires a reprimand letter in order to terminate employees for poor conduct. Colombian employees have the right to be informed and to defend themselves before being fired. Doing this incorrectly results in having to pay additional money to the employee for unjustified termination. 

For Multinationals:

  • Bilingual Financial Reports
  • Bilingual Balance Sheets
  • Certified Translations

We offer Spanish translation services, and our Colombian accounting department can prepare any financial reports and balance sheets you might need when opening a bank account or investing in Colombia. Our apostille services ensure that any official documents you take out of Colombia will be honored in your home country.

Contact Colombia Legal & Accounting, your Medellin lawyer and Colombian accounting team, for more information about our Colombian corporate administrative services.