Business Administration

Colombian Corporate Administrative Services

Running a business in any country gives you plenty to think about, and as a foreigner in Colombia you’ll have more considerations than most. There’s no reason to deal with this all yourself when you run the risk of missing a step and dealing with an investigation or fines and the associated stress. You can outsource your administrative duties for your Colombian corporation to Colombia Legal & Accounting.

CL&A’s team of Colombian attorneys, Colombian accountants, and assistants has years of experience in setting up Colombian business, helping owners understand the labor laws, plan taxes, and more, and we thoroughly understand the Colombian laws and regulations. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for you so you can enjoy running your business in Colombia.

Colombian Human Resource Services

Employee Affiliations

Employee Affiliations

This service is provided for employers who need to affiliate new employees to employee benefit providers like health care.

Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts

We can draft any type of contract: part-time, full-time, contractor, seasonal, and more. 


Employee Liquidations

When an employee quits or is asked to leave, in most cases he or she is owed a liquidation payment.

Employee Termination

Employee Termination

Labor laws in Colombia favor the employee (and former employee), so it’s crucial to take the proper steps when hiring and firing employees.

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