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Colombia Tourist Visa


Colombia tourist visa quick info sheet.

Here you will find a list of the important requirements for the Colombian Tourist visa to be issued. Please note that If you do not have a bank account with the minimum required balance then you can get a sponsor. However, people that are considered adults may have problems getting approved for a visa if they do not have a bank account balance required, unless it is a family member who is paying for the trip, and traveling with them. Young adults may be an exception such as personas who are University age, ie in their 20s.

Although not officially acknowledged Colombia is like many other countries and does block entry from more applicants who are in high risk or from countries which are not economically stable. Please consider other Colombian residency visa options listed by clicking here if you do not qualify as a tourist. Remember every visa application is a presentation of who you are and why Colombia thinks you should visit. The visa offiicial needs to believe you will not overstay your tourist visa before they will give it to you.

-        The Colombia TP-11 TOURIST VISA, must show financial support listed below.

-        An invitation letter or vacation travel package must be provided.

-        Presentation at a Colombian consulate in person is required before issuing visa.

-        Sometimes persons can just go to consulate 1 time, and an electronic visa may be issued to travel.

-        Usual approval times by consulates is 3-5 business days after the interview. Total processing time is usually 2 weeks.

-        Bank certificate where the banking average of the last three months than five (5) monthly Colombian legal minimum wages visa applicant indicated.  *5 Min wages are = $3,447,270 pesos = 1,087 *APRX VALUE IN DOLLARS

-        For dependents - if the applicant is a dependent. (child, wife, husband, parent), commitment letter accompanied the bank statements of sponsor.


1)      An invitation letter, or confirmation tourist travel package provided by a tourism agency in Colombia – Accepted but not necessary initially, as well as the plane tickets or hotel reservation. It is important to keep in mind that you can always send additional documents and to make it with high advance time because consulates can take 2 o 3 weeks before calling for an interview.

2)      Bank statements from banks with the average of the last 3 months than five (5) monthly legal minimum wages of the person indicated or Invite accountable abroad.

3)      5 Min wages are = $3,447,270 pesos = $1,087*APRX VALUE IN DOLLARS

4)      Government fees are 52 dollars for the application fee, and 82 dollars for the actual visa.


5)      Legal Services fee for processing application of TP11 tourist visa fee USD$300 per person. Does not include government or third party fees.


·        Remember this visa does not apply for US, CANADIAN and most European countries. The TP11 is for countries that cannot get a visa stamp for tourist visa in the passport when arriving like USA, CANADA and European Union.


¿Mi país necesita visa para ingresar a Colombia? / Does my country need visa to enter Colombia?

if your country is in this list, you do not need a visa to enter Colombia and just you need a valid passport:

·        Alemania.

·        Andorra.

·        Antigua y Barbuda.

·        Argentina.

·        Australia.

·        Austria.

·        Bahamas.

·        Barbados.

·        Bélgica.

·        Belice.

·        Bolivia.

·        Brasil.

·        Canadá.

·        Chile.

·        Corea del Sur.

·        Croacia.

·        Chipre.

·        Dinamarca.

·        Dominica.

·        Ecuador.

·        El Salvador.

·        Eslovaquia.

·        Eslovenia.

·        España.

·        Estados Unidos de América.

·        Filipinas.

·        Finlandia.

·        Francia.

·        Granada.

·        Grecia.

·        Guatemala.

·        Guyana.

·        Honduras.

·        Hong Kong.

·        Hungría.

·        Indonesia.

·        Islandia.

·        Israel.

·        Italia.

·        Jamaica.

·        Japón.

·        Liechtenstein.

·        Lituania.

·        Luxemburgo.

·        Malasia.

·        Malta,

·        México.

·        Mónaco.

·        Noruega.

·        Nueva Zelandia.

·        Países Bajos.

·        Panamá.

·        Paraguay.

·        Perú.

·        Portugal.

·        Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte.

·        República Checa.

·        República Dominicana.

·        Rumania.

·        Saint Kitts y Nevis.

·        San Marino.

·        Santa Lucía.

·        San Vicente y las Granadinas.

·        Singapur.

·        Suecia.

·        Suiza.

·        Taiwán.

·        Trinidad y Tobago.

·        Turquía.

·        Uruguay.

·        Venezuela.



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