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Colombia Legal & Accounting was created exlusively with expats in mind. Bilingual legal & accounting services to serve foreign expats migrating to and living in Colombia. CL&A SAS was created and founded by James S. Lindzey as an extention of services initially offered by Visas y Tramites Internacionales (visas by James).  James has been a full time resident in Colombia since 2005, and is happy to share his experiences with you. Below you will see the popular areas in which our firm CL&A SAS operates.

Colombia Investments

Avoid the common pitfalls foreigners make when investing in Colombia. Our firm has extensive experience with cultural differences foreigners face while handling investments in Colombia. The Colombian banking system, which by the way effects how all Investments by foreigners in Colombia. Colombia requires Colombian ID cards for standard bank accounts. However, our firm is able to assist in financial investment accounts offered by investment banks which only require passports. Once completing an initial investment in Colombia, in many cases you may comply with requirements for a visa, and obtain an ID card.

Bank investor accounts

Colombian Bank Account & Investor Accounts

Setup personal or business bank accounts in Colombia with assistance in registering wire transfers with the Colombian federal bank. Investor accounts help foreigners invest in Colombia with out having a Colombian ID card or Colombian Visa.

property Investments

Colombian Property Investments

Complete end to end legal & accounting assistance with Real Estate investments. From Title searches, wire registrations, capital gains taxes to property investment visas. Many property purchases may qualify for Colombian property investor visas. Check them out on, click here.

Business investments

Colombia Business Investments

Discuss your business plans with us, and we can help you understand taxes, costs, and regulations that may effect you. We provide Business Startup, administration, and profit / cost analysis for new entites as well as due diligence on existing businesses.

CL&A has setup more than 400 businesses for expats who live in or do business in Colombia. Our team has more experience in this field than any other bilingual lawfirm in Colombia. Finally, you get additional assistance from our team with how to administer a Colombian Company as a foreigner operating in Colombia. 


Colombian Startup Law

Business startup law and administration guidance for foreigners. Advice on responsibilities as a business owner in Colombia

Colombian Labor Law

Understand Colombian Labor Law is fundamentally different than other countries. Avoid employee and contractor problems in Colombia. 

HR Support

Colombian HR Support

From administrative processes to social security requirements and employee taxes in Colombia.


Colombian Mergers  & Aquisitions

Business Law attorneys which help secure and guide clients through solid investment strategies in Colombia.

As a foreigner in Colombia one may have unique circumstances which are very different from Colombians in some cases. While foreigners still have basic rights, we come across many cases where foreigners are taken advantage of in certain legal cases such as but not limited to, divorces, and child custody to name a couple. 


Prenup in Colombia

A Colombian prenup protects your assets in Colombia during a Civil Union or Civil Marriage. Prenups should be created for each country of residence.

Colombian Marriage

Marriage in Colombia

Legal assistance preparing for a Colombian marriage saves you from headaches when dealing with Colombian notaries marriage requirements.

Colombian Divorce

Divorce in Colombia

Our Colombian divorce attorneys take extra care of foreigners. Understand your options and rights! Don’t get taken advantage of!

Child Custody in Colombia

Colombian child custody agreements are an extremely delicate and emotional process which requires an experienced Colombian attorney.

Colombian Accounting

Colombian accounting services for foreigners living in Colombia require accountants who understand international taxes as well as how they effect Colombian tax declarations. The majority of accountants in  Colombian do not have this experience. It is also important to understand that Colombian tax laws change throughout the year, and major tax reforms are passed the last week of each year. Your accountant needs to be on top of new legislation, so oviously you should look for an accountant who loves their job.

Tax Planning

Colombian Tax Planning

Colombian tax planing services for as little as 75 dollars to understand what taxes you will need to pay living in Colombia.

Personal Taxes

Colombian Personal Taxes

We file Colombian personal taxes for expats living in Colombia. North Americans do  not get double taxed.

corporate accountig

Colombian Corporate Accounting

Colombian corporate accounting and tax filing requirements require the best accountants to stay on top of changing laws.

payroll services

We can help you project payroll expenses for employees and contractors so you comply with all Colombian Labor Laws.


James Lindzey has over 16 years of experience with processing Colombian Visas, and over. Colombian Legal & Associates partners with Visas by James to provide solutions for complex visas based on Colombian real estate investments, Colombian businesses, Colombian marriages, legal processes with Colombian Immigration, Colomiban Ministry of Foreign Relations, and United States Citizens & Immigration Services. Our primary focus on visas are for immigrants arriving in Colombia or moving to the United States.

Colombia Visas

Colombian Visas

Over 16 years of experience in Colombian Immigration! James Lindzey can guide you through all the steps to obtain your visa.

USA Visas for Colombians

USA Visas

USA visas for Colombians. Residency Visas and tourist visa processes. Initial consultations explain entire proceses.

Citizenship Processes

Citizenship Processes

We help with Colombian & United States Citizenship processes obtained via visas or via birth in a foreign country.


Document Services

Legal Document Services

Colombian & United States legal document services such as obtaining birth, marriage, or divorce certificates with translations and apostilles.


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