Colombia Rentista Visa

colombian rentista visa - also known as the annuity visa

Colombia Rentista Visa Quick Info Sheet

Thanks for contacting us. The Colombian TP-7 Rentista visa is referred to as the Colombian annuity visa in English. This visa is designed to allow foreigners to receive a 1 year visa who receive income from a fixed income source. This source may not be a salary.

Acceptable sources of a fixed investment - (income source examples):

  • Payments from an annuity or retirement fund
  • Rent from a rental property
  • Interests paid from loaning money
  • Dividends or interest payments from investments in corporation
  • Disability payments from an insurance settlement
  • Payments from the sale of a business

Unacceptable for visa application:

  • Payment from salaries
  • Payments from commissions

Costs for Visa:

  1. Legal fees – 350 USD
  2. Government Fees for Visa – 263 USD
  3. 3RD party document and notary fees – 100 USD to 300 USD
    (fees depend on origin of documents, such as apostille, Spanish translation, mail, and government fees)

Time to Process Length:

  1. Gathering documents from your home country – 2 weeks to 1 month depending on country
  2. Legalizing documents in Colombia 1 week
  3. Processing visa 1-2 weeks

Visa Category: TP-7
TP7 is a temporary residency visa which is renewed yearly and after 5 years can be converted to a permanent visa. Fore more details on years to obtain Colombian residency visa click here.

Work privileges:
This visa does not allow visa holder to work in Colombia, but you may study. If you want more information on work visas or alternatives to work visas click here.

Colombia Rentista Visa Requirements:

  • The income from foreign investments should be 15 times Colombian minimum wage
  • If required visa applicant MAY should show 6 months of bank statements
  • If required visa applicant MAY have to show a certificate of good standing for entity issuing income certification
  • Financial certification may come from a corporation, financial entity, or government agency.
  • All certificates must be legalized and translated before being presented in a visa application.
  • At this moment 3,500 USD qualifies for this visa, but you must pay attention to fluctuating exchange rate, and beware that each January the minimum wage is adjusted by the government to make up for inflation.

We provide legal assistance in verifying certifications of financial documents required for this visa. Financial certifications must be legalized by foreign and Colombian government before they are accepted in visa applications.

Please send us an email at or Call us at 57-4-444-6634 or 57-301-337-1881 or in the USA at 1+305+767+2766

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Colombian Residency

Popular Types of Colombian Visas

If your ultimate goal in Colombia is to get Colombian citizenship or permanent residency, there are a lot of visa options that will get you started on that path, which you can discuss with your Colombian immigration attorney. Some visas provide a faster track than others. For example, if you happen to be the parent of a Colombian national, you get permanent residency immediately and then, after two years, you can apply for citizenship and a Colombian passport. The TP-10 visa, which you can apply for if you have a Colombian civil union or marriage, gives you permanent residency after three years. After another two years as a permanent resident of Colombia, you can apply for citizenship. 

Colombian work visas, student visas, business owner's visas, retirement visas, and some others require five uninterrupted years before you can become a permanent resident; two years after that, you can apply for Colombian citizenship.

Whether or not to become a Colombian citizen (while remaining a citizen of your country of origin or giving up your original citizenship) is a choice only you can make, and it should be carefully considered. However, if you would like to keep your options open, it's a good idea to get your visa to get started on the path to permanent residency and the option of Colombian citizenship. Maybe you're unsure now, but in five years you might wish you had started the process sooner.

It's important to work with an experienced Colombian immigration attorney. Colombia Legal & Accounting can help you evaluate your unique situation and choose the visa that makes the most sense for you. Take a look at some of your options, then contact your Medellín lawyer to get started. 

NE business visa in ColombiaBusiness Visa - NE-1 - Workers for foreign entities may perform consultations, meetings, Setup Business, Bank Account, Conduct Market Studies. This visa will get you a cedula to allow for easier setup of bank account when opening a business. more on business visas in Colombia

Colombian student visaColombian Student Visa - Proof of Enrollment by Accredited Institution, &  Funds to Pay for Classes. This is a great visa which should be for classes at least 3 months long. Spanish classes are very common but are amoung the most expensive classes. If you speak Spanish you can go for technology or regular university classes. Contact us for more information

iconos-13The Colombia Pension / Retirement Visa - TP7 - Pension - At least 800 USD monthly from a government pension source, (if pension is private you need annutiy visa).  You may have to qualify for a annuity visa.  You have to receive 3 times minimum salary in monthly bases to qualify for the retirement / pension visa.  click here for more

Work VisaWork Visa - TP4 - To qualify for a work visa you must be sponsored by a Colombian corporation, with more than 69 million pesos average bank balance over 6 months. Be sure that the position you will have in the company relates to the registered principal economic activity. Click here for more

Colombian business owner visa - TP7 share holder visaColombian Business Owner - TP7 - This is also technically a company shareholder visa which you can obtained by owning 69 million pesos in shares in Colombian corporation. Includes working rights if you are a president or vice president of the company. Denied a work visa? Then learn more about the Colombian business owner visa here

iconos-16Colombian Property Owners Visa - TP7 - Direct foreign investment of at least 241.3 million pesos in real estate. This is a step down from the full Colombian investors visa, and offers a 1 year renewable visa. Be careful because each year the value is adjusted for inflation. more on the Colombian investors visa here

iconos-13Colombia Rentista / Annuity Visa - TP7 - Annuity or more accurately persons ho have a FIXED INCOME from overseas (meaning your home country) - This visa is great for landlords, trust fund holders, or persons earning fixed monthly income paid from sources outside of Colombia. This can not be from salaries or commissions.  Read about the Colombian Rentista Visa by clicking here.

iconos-27Marriage - TP10 Visa - A great visa for married or civil union couples. Full work benefits & up to 3 years. more

iconos-42Colombian Tourist Visa - TP 11 visa is for citizens of countries that can not enter with a stamp at the airport. Many high risk and poor countries are required to visit a colombian consulate to obtain a tourist visa. Click here more information on the Colombian tourist visa

Technical ServiceTechnical Service - TP 13 - This is a limited temporary visitors visa for performing technical services in Colombia. With the TP-13 visa you can be in Colombia for 180 days in one year. You may work for a foreign company in Colombia, but you may not receive pay directly from a Colombian company. more on Colombian visas with work privileges.

Resident RE Visa - Full residency visa, good for 5 years, and full working benefits. The best visa to have. This can be obtained by investing 449 million pesos in property or in a Colombian company. Money must be a direct foreign investment arriving from personal account. more on the investor visa

Colombia residency beneficiary visaBeneficiary RE Visa - Full residency  is also provided to beneficiaries of RE principal visa holders. Children up to 25 years old, and spouses qualify for this visa. Supporting documents must be completely legalized. marriage certificates may not be older than 90 days,  and must be translated to Spanish. We also offer legalization services
more translations and apostilles 

RE HOME investors visaProperty Investor Visa - RE - For a direct foreign investment paid in full by visa applicant. For the year 2016 the qualifying investment amount is 450 Million pesos. This is a permanent visa, which must be updated every 5 years. more

Qualified RE Visa - This visa is for holders of varios TP visas who reach 3-5 years living in the country, and then QUALIFY for a FULL RE - residency visa residency visa. learn more here