Colombian Labor Contracts


If you are a foreigner living in Colombia it wont be very long before you realize that labor law here are much different than in many other countries (for example, the U.S.)  Most foreigners aresuprised to find that even simple jobs such as maids have rights to liquidation payments. It is your responsibility as an employeer to make sure health & workers insurance, pension, uniforms andtransportation are all paid for or you face substantial  monetary penalties/fines. The labor ministry and court system generally favor employees when there is a lack of written documentation so it is critical that you follow domestic labor laws and have a signed contract with an employee. Liquidation payments are required by law and range from 20% to 50% of the employees salary depending on various factors

Running a company in Colombia requires that you are familiar with the various types of Colombian labor contracts you may enter into in order to avoid a costly situation when employees exit or terminate their relationship with you. Some employees will take advantage of those who are not familiar with labor laws in Colombia (often Americans or other foreigners). For example, an independent worker will agree to a higher hourly rate in exchange for not paying their benefits, but upon termination will claim they are also entitled to back pay for benefits.

Our legal staff can assist you with drafting a contract which provides you with the necessary legal protection, combined with professional payroll services.
Types of Colombian Labor Contracts:
1. Project Specific (construction, professional services)
2. Replacement of Personnel (replacement of employee out on maternity sick leave)
3. Seasonal Job (high season employment)
4. Traditional fixed term full-time employment
5. Traditional part-time employment
6. Independent Contractor (a professional who can work independently)
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Customs – Import / Export


At Colombia Legal & Accounting SAS

Has an experienced team which has extensive experience with Colombian customs law. Specifically, we can assist you in obtaining the necessary certifications and documentation required to import and export goods or services.

This may include modifications to business license certificates, complicated international commerce certifications from government authorities (such as the DIAN), and Colombian Customs authority (Aduana).

The pitfalls of importing, exporting, transporting, and world trade generally are numerous and difficult to anticipate. Companies engaged in these activities frequently find themselves at the mercy of an inexperienced or corrupt Colombian government officials, and or dishonest businessman. COLOMBIA LEGAL & ACCOUNTING S.A. is experienced in creating Colombian corporations with the appropriate certifications necessary to conduct international trade and transport. Our Customs attorneys have the expertise to assist you in establishing a business presence in Colombia.  We specialize in assisting foreigners and foreign entities setting up corporations in Colombia.

While general business concepts are similar to those in many other countries, including the U.S., there are some very important differences in Colombian law - so it is critical to work with an experienced legal & accounting firm which can assist in implementing your business plan successfully.

It is important to seek professional assistance in order to comply with anti money laundering laws when conducting large international monetary transactions in Colombia. Additionally, our tributary financial advisors and accountants will be sure to analyze all taxes, tarriffs and international trade agreements which you may benefit from.

Additionally, COLOMBIAN & ACCOUNTING S.A.S sas can assist in drafting a complete international trade and commerce report as well as the accompanying Colombian regulatory practices.

When problems arise there is no substitute for a Customs attorney experienced and knowledgeable in both the law and your industry’s practices. We seek win-win solutions, and stand ready to promptly seek  At the same time, we will exhaust all reasonable settlement avenues before encouraging litigation.

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